Quantitative Research UK

Quantitative Research UK

At DJS Research Ltd we offer bespoke services. We do not sell “off the shelf” services or products as we understand that each project will be unique from start to finish.


Having listened to and understood your requirements, we would suggest the most appropriate quantitative methodology to get the most valuable results from your study. Normally, this would then be designed, undertaken, analysed and presented back to you by one of our vastly experienced Research Directors, though we are happy to be involved in only certain parts of the project (recruitment, data collection etc) depending on your specific needs.

In support of our Research Directors we have everything required to implement a full and worthwhile quantitative project such as trained telephone interviewers, field interviewers and facilities for CATI.

Some of the more common, though by no means the only, quantitative research techniques we offer are:

Face to Face Interviews
– Respondents are interviewed face to face and are normally asked questions from a questionnaire. This can occur in the street or in people’s homes for more complex projects.

Telephone Interviewing – This is a quick and cost effective way of achieving data and can be targeted towards a particular demographic if required.

Postal and Self Completion Market Research
– This can be a cost effective method of gaining data but it often has a poor response rate and requires a larger time scale by its nature.

Online Research - Web surveys using panel respondents or online customer, member and staff surveys.

Desk Research – Collecting and analysing secondary data

Data Processing and Production of Data Tabulations

Statistical Analysis, Interpretation & Reporting Findings

How DJS Research Add Value


Your quantitative research project will be carried out in full by experts with at least 12 years experience in the market research industry and with a wide range of specialisms to suit all requirements. They will have active involvement in all stages of the project including attending all meetings, setting up the research, questionnaire design, project management, analysis of the results and reporting findings to you.


Furthermore, our Research Directors are skilled in both Quantitative and Quantitative research methods. This means that should your project require both forms of research you will have one contact throughout.


If you have a quantitative research project in mind, or would simply like more detail on how DJS Research could benefit your organisation, feel free to get in touch. We would be happy to forward a research proposal or talk more informally about possible options.

You can call us on +44 (0)1663-767857 or contact us through our online form: contact us.

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